Wellness & Leadership Workshop

for teams


Creating organizations that promote safety, wellbeing, & belonging.

The problem

Employees are burnt out, unwell, and disconnected in workplaces.

  • Gallup’s state of the global workplace report: US employees are some of the most stressed employees in the world. As many as 57% of employees feel stressed on a daily basis. And 35-42% say they are burnt out in 2021, in comparison to 28%-32% from 2020.


The stats

  • Employees who feel their employer cares about their wellbeing are 69% less likely to actively search for a job

    • three times more likely to be engaged at work

    • 71% less likely to report experiencing a lot of burnout

  • Those with lower levels of belonging have a 313% stronger intention to quit and 176% higher likelihood to search for another job from 2020 to 2021. *Better Up

Our Offering
A wellness workshop series for leaders
& coaching


  • The intersections of wellness, leadership, and team culture

  • How to foster a workplace where people experience belonging, satisfaction, and inspiration

  • How the relationship between capacity, centered leadership, and shared principles preserve workplace values

  • How to move through challenge and change with more presence and generativity 

  • How to honor the company you are by strengthening values alignment and centering wellbeing


Reinvigorate wellness into your company culture

During our workshop for leaders and coaching program, you will learn:

  • How to apply wellness practices from a leadership perspective to support & sustain your employees

  • How to discover and refine your personal leadership philosophy

  • A way to build a sense of shared purpose, collective culture, and trust within and across teams

  • Ways to strengthen leadership competencies such as effective team building, change management, and inclusion


Unlock your team's potential with care for your team

You will be able to…

  • Make employee care a permanent part of your culture

  • Unlock the potential of your team with more effective leadership

  • Go beyond the typical wellness programs and engage the whole person

  • Increase employee retention and decrease training costs

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Dr. Rashmee Patil, Founder/CEO of South Texas Research Institute

Akili Well's workshops helped bring our team closer together and re-aligned us on our purpose.

Employee in anonymous post-workshop survey

We were able to have a conversation with our team about what we want to represent and how we can become better.

Brenda Chavez, Program Manager of South Texas Research Institute

The leadership training concluded in a very inspired way. I can’t imagine not having this training.

Meet the Workshop Leaders

About Brenda

Brenda helps teams build and scale an authentic, kickass culture so that they can attract - and retain! - top talent. She focuses on leadership coaching and organizational design practices to create safe, values-based workplaces.

Smile Headshot.PNG

About Josie

Josie is a somatics practitioner, DEI specialist, and certified co-active coach. She helps leaders master sustainable wellness practices to remain balanced in their joy at work and in life.

Josie Santiago, Workshop Leader


"One of the best team building and professional development workshops I’ve been to."


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