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Wellbeing in the Workplace

A workshop series for teams

Are you saying things at work like:

My team is burnt out

Maybe you're even saying:

"I'm in HR and supposed to make sure our employees are OK...but I'm completed burnt out myself. I feel alone and exhausted."

Alignment? What does that feel like?

Your team members aren't on the same page. Tension and heated conversations are on the rise. You have dozens of "urgent" priorities and counting...

We know team culture matters, and we're struggling to build it

What is healthy team culture? What should you do to cultivate it? How do you build resilience, values-orientated behavior, or an inclusive team culture for all?

Are you wondering how you can build your team's capacity to adapt and deal with complex challenges?

We've all seen the stats...

Stressed Woman

57% employees feel stressed every day

Of employees feel stressed at work on a daily basis (Gallup).

All Hands In

3x more engaged when employer focuses on wellbeing

Employees who feel their employer cares about their wellbeing are 3x more engaged at work—and 69% less likely to be actively searching for a new job (Gallup).

Image by Tim Mossholder

employees who feel disconnected want to quit 313% more

Employees who report a low level of belonging at work have a 313% stronger intention to quit than their peers (BetterUp).

That's why we are here.

We have 20+ years of collective experience working with organizations who care about their people.

We have seen many incredible teams out there trying to cultivate connection, values-based practices, and an inclusive team culture—but they were focusing on a single puzzle piece, not the big picture.

Our workshop series explores the intersections of wellbeing, leadership, and team culture.

This series is crafted to provide your team with holistic & experiential learning opportunities, based in research-backed skill building practices.

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Our Workshop Series


Ready to increase your team's effectiveness?
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Our Clients Say

Rashmee Patil.jpg
"[Past] workshops helped bring our team closer together and re-aligned us on our purpose."

Dr. Rashmee Patil, Founder/CEO

South Texas Research Institute

Meet Your Workshop Facilitators

About Josie

Josie Santiago is a somatics practitioner, DEI specialist, and certified co-active coach. She helps leaders master sustainable wellness practices to remain balanced in their joy at work and in life.

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