AKILI: Wisdom 

WELL: In good health; free or recovered from illness.

A plentiful source or supply.

Akili Well is a phrase used to remember the depth of wisdom our bodies hold. In essence, its about wellness. In practice, it's about using yoga as a modality for growth and healing.

It's coming to the mat knowing that you are enough.

Join me for a session in Oakland or connect with me around the world.


Meet Josie Santiago

Josie found her practice of Yoga many years ago as a way to recharge from the daily stresses of life.  Over time she deepened her practice but didn’t fully immerse herself until after a series of traumatic events and physical injuries. This lead her to a Trauma Informed Care Training offered by the Connection Coalition. With the wear and tear of cumulative stress, a full work schedule, and a severe back injury; Josie was immobilized-not only in her body but in her mind’s relationships to her body. The training left her with much more space for healing and growth. In love with spiritual healing that took place,Josie immediately enrolled in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Since then, training includes the Sister Science Ayurveda Foundations Course with the Yoga Veda Institute and studying with the Niroga Institute on Dynamic Mindfulness. Josie draws on Ayurveda, Dynamic Mindfulness, and Anatomy Informed Yoga methods, paired with her trauma informed care certifications to encourage self- awareness, self-care and personal transformation. Always a student, she continues to deepen her practice with teachers of the Kemetic lineage at YogaLove, Oakland and with the mentorship of Physcial Therapist Dr. Ariele Foster. She is currently studying to become an Ayurveda Health Counselor with Yoga Veda Institute.

Josie is a long time educator, youth life-coach, dancer, and social justice advocate. When she is not teaching Yoga, she can be found facilitating youth empowerment groups, developing diversity and inclusion strategies or writing youth leadership curriculum. Josie leans heavily on Yoga to sustain her as she strives change the world with the fullest compassion. Josie holds a B.A in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Physical Education, a Masters Degree in Secondary Education, and is well versed in group facilitation.

RYT with Yoga Alliance




I recently started 1:1 online gentle yoga sessions with Josie. At first I was not sure how this would work, since it was my first time doing online yoga classes, but I am so glad I did it. I reached out to Josie because I had taken one of her classes in Oakland before and loved it. I was also going through a really tough emotional time in my life and needed healing. Josie's class has healed me in many ways. I felt better and better after each class. My body became less sore. My mind awakened with clear thinking. I connected back to myself, especially when doing the warrior pose. I received so much more than I expected. Josie is a magnificent yoga & meditation instructor and I am grateful.

Sandra Blanco



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Thich Nhat Hanh

"Our practice is to live our daily lives in such a way that every act, every moment, becomes an act of love"


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Josie’s vision is that all bodies, ethnicities, and identities are honored through the practice and that the practice be used as a channel to self-discovery and collective healing.


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