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Organizational Services

When we are well, we lead well. 

Increase employee well-being, grow leadership capacity, and build a culture of inclusivity.

Leadership Training

An experiential workshop series designed to increase resilience, cultivate values-based leadership practices, and develop organizational culture rooted in psychological safety.

Leadership Circle Profile ™ 360 Assessments & Coaching

A reflective and creative processing space for employees to develop effective leadership skills, embody diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging values, & navigate work decisions.

Employee Resource Group Support

We offer safe spaces for BIPOC employees to explore common experiences and draw on one another for support through allied practice, self-reflection, body-based techniques and art.

Grow Your Vision

Create a customized program for the unique needs of your organization.

Our Clients Say

"The content, frameworks, facilitation style, and design of materials were all incredibly thoughtful and high quality."

-Anonymous Employee From Post-Workshop Survey

Find out how Akili Well can help your organization

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