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Do you seek more balance and joy in your work and life?

Live and lead in a way that honors who you are.

Josie offers 3 to 6-month coaching programs and 1-time discovery sessions designed to accelerate leadership growth and support well-being with transformative results.

Co-Active coaching works no matter what your profession or passion is.


Beginning with a complimentary coaching session, we will decide together which coaching program feels right for you given your specific intentions for coaching.

Designers Working Together


Coaching is a reflective and creative process that invites us to live fully and create the life that we deserve.  When we express who we are & live into our birthright and gifts, we move into possibility and take courageous action toward our dreams. 


Coaching honors what you are doing as much as who you are becoming.You are whole and come with all the wisdom and answers that you need. Coaching builds confidence in that wholeness and encourages you towards the vision you have for your life. Through coaching, you will come back home to yourself.

Let Go

Many of us have internalized messages that aren't true to who we are or how we want to lead.Coaching offers insight into your beliefs and perceptions and invites you to let go of the ones holding you back or telling you, "you are not enough."


We can shape the conditions of life just as much as we are being shaped by it.This all begins with imagination. Radically imagining our lives reconnects us to possibility, power and reignites inspired action towards our daily choices.


We are always practicing something. Realign your practices with who you are becoming and show up in your values to make the decisions right for you in every situation- even with stress, challenge, or pressure.

“The most important thing each of us can know is our unique gift and how to use it in the world. Individuality is cherished and nurtured, because, in order for the whole to flourish, each of us has to be strong in who we are and carry our gifts with conviction, so they can be shared with others.” - Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass



Mindfulness and Embodiement Practices
Radical Self-Discovery
Re-writing Your Beliefs 
Values Clarification
Strengths Finding 
Goal Setting & Accountability


  • Increased Leadership

  • Increased Resilience 

  • Increased Self Confidence

  • Lower Stress

  • A Sense of Empowerment

  • Feeling More Optimistic

  • Increased Motivation

  • Greater Awareness of Self 

  • Fulfillment

  • Greater Clarity for Your Vision in Life


About Josie

One of my founding coaching principles is that we are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. From this place we can innovate, heal, and connect to ourselves and others around us. My mission as a coach is to support my clients from that state of wholeness. I take a strengths based, systematic approach to coaching. As an interdisciplinary practitioner, I integrate reflective questioning, somatic practice, and DEI tools to be with individuals, teams, and organizations as they work to transform systems and work through new paradigms.



Josie is great. She is well tuned with healing and coaching. She seems to know what to say, when to say it, and what programs/protocols best suited me and my situation... I highly recommend her service.

I had a 1:1 coaching session with Josie and it was fantastic! Her philosophy of helping you call upon the knowledge you already posses made me feel empowered and dynamic. She asks great questions that get to the heart of your purpose. Her approach was holistic and thoughtful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach to help them gain clarity and achieve their goals.

Adam C.

Kenya S.

Working with Josie is magical! I’ve been in therapy before but she asked questions and opened my eyes to things I’ve never even thought of! I’d love to continue working with her. She really opened my eyes to my own possibilities in life!

I really appreciate Josie's coaching style. Through asking interesting and creative questions, Josie was able to coach me on my life journey and I feel like I have gotten a lot of clarity around my self-care needs as well as my future plan. Coaching with Josie has been one of the more transformative experiences I have had, and I am happy to know that I can always rely on her to help me on the path to liberation.

Jasmine S.

Morgan S.







All Hands In


Get a Taste

Get a taste of coaching with 3, 1:1 sessions to discover, connect, explore, and begin again.

Image by Rohan Makhecha



Receive 3 months of 1:1 coaching, text support, and power calls. Beginning with  discovery sessions, we will uncover your inner resources and vision for your life. Each session after that will be designed to reconnect you with your most empowered self. Feel more aware of the practices needed to achieve your goals.

Image by Stephen Leonardi



Receive 6 months of 1:1 coaching, text support, and power calls. Beginning with a series of discovery sessions, we will uncover your inner resources and vision for your life. Each session after that will be co-created between you and your coach. Feel transformed and empowered.

Image by Nadine Shaabana


Affirm Who You Are

In this session we will explore who you are at your core. We will connect you to your deepest, most powerful inner resources. You will walk away with empowering tools to refer back to over and over again throughout life.


What is the different between coaching and therapy? 

While coaching and therapy both have therapeutic effects, it is important to note the difference between the two so that you find the best support that is right for you. 

What is therapy?

Therapy is process in which a client works with a healthcare professional to diagnose, treat, or resolve problematic behaviors or responses. They work with clients to heal past traumas and work through painful feelings. They view clients through a medical model and focus on origin stories; analyzing historical roots of negative self-beliefs. 

What is coaching?

In coaching, a client works with a coach to get clarity on what they want and identify the temporary obstacles in the way so that they can create a plan of action and embody new ways of being to achieve their desired results. The coach views the client as the expert of their own life and holds the client as naturally, creative resourceful and whole by accepting the client's current starting place as an acceptable neutral ground. The coach partners with the client to create an action and being oriented set of practices to manifest their potential and dreams. Coaches connect with clients in between sessions for accountability and celebration of wins. 

Who is coaching best for? 

Coaching is best for anyone able to partner with another person to develop common goals. It's a process of self-discovery and personal reflection. Anyone interested in building more trust in themselves and aren't seeking advice can highly benefit from coaching.

How do I get the most out of this experience? 

You will get the most out of this experience if you come with an open heart and mind. Being open to exploring new ideas about yourself and ready to make changes are likely to lead to the best results.

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