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About Us

Our Story

Akili is for Access

We believe that access to wellness services are essential for us all to thrive. 

We know that when we all hold wellness as priority in our lives, we are better leaders in our work,for our communities, and towards our environment.

Well is for Every Body

We also know how important having safe spaces for BIPOC  and Women of Color are to grow and for that reason we are committed to having quality wellness services accessible for every body. When a company works with us, they sponsor people that have been historically economically disenfranchised in receiving affordable personalized wellness services for them to feel empowered and increase their overall sense of wellness. We also offer specialized programs designed to tend to the emotional,spiritual, and physical health of people in those communities.

Our Team and Partners

Our team of trained specialists work with customers to increase wellness, integrate wellness practices into leadership and support a culture of well-being and inclusion. We each have our own impact in our communities and when we come together to deliver a program or host an event, we are unstoppable! Check out our work below.