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Fitness Group

Wellness for the Working Woman

Group Coaching

A Community Space for Women ( including cis and trans and those who are gender non-conforming) to come together and enter a new level of freedom by redesigning their relationship between their well-being and work.

Enrollment Ends August 29th, 2022

Working at Outdoor Cafe
  • Reconnect to who you are.

  • Re-imagine your life with wellness fueling your dreams.

  • Discover new ways of practicing worth, value, and safety with work.

  • Re-create a new narrative beyond pleasing, performing, proving, or pretending.

  • Affirm who you are in community​.

Exercise Group

About The Coaching Groups

The Program:

A 6-week group coaching program dedicated to the working woman. The first Group will meet weekly. Groups 2&3 will meet biweekly. Assignments related to your personal wellness journey will be given between sessions.  Accountability support will be given throughout.

Group Size: 

Groups will be between 6-8 people.

Sessions are 1 hour and 15min long.

Most Sessions are Virtual, 1 In-Person option will be available.

BIPOC only groups will be available.

Leave with:

  • A clear vision for your wellness journey

  • Tools to align your actions with what is most important to you

  • Sustainability practices that produce lasting change

  • Tools for setting healthy boundaries

  • Embodied decision making practices

  • Embodiment techniques to reconnect you with your truth and power

  • A network encouraging you alongside your wellness goals

Working Mom

This space is for you if: 

​(one or many may apply)

  • You are ready to release old habits that lead you to burn out 

  • You are wanting to better prioritize your health and well-being

  • You are a business owner who is learning how sustain a business while sustaining your health 

  • You are juggling multiple responsibilities and sometimes have a hard time saying "no"

  • Your worth and value are tied up into your work and you want a change

  • You are a mom or caregiver and want to model healthy habits for the next generation

  • You are learning how to choose you and honor who you are

  • You are simply looking for a reset and want to be encouraged in community

Mother Working from Home

What to Expect:


-Embodiment & Mindful Movement Practices

-Storytelling & Sharing


-Visualizing and Meditation

Working from Home
Yoga Pose Looking Up

The Investment:

Total cost for the series is $499 - $950 depending on where you feel you fall on the scale (Please see guide for details).

Special offer: 

Bring a friend to both receive $100 off.

*Limited scholarships available

Please email us at for interest

Enrollment Ends August 29th, 2022

Meet Your Coach

Black Women Smiling

Josie Santiago

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Josie is a mindfulness practitioner, facilitator, and certified co-active coach.

One of my founding coaching principles is that we are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. From this place we can innovate, heal, and connect greater to ourselves and others around us. My mission as a coach is to support my clients from that state of wholeness. I take a strengths based, systematic approach to the work I do. Using reflective questioning, somatic practice, and systems understanding to be with individuals, teams, and organizations as they work to transform systems, work through new paradigms, and move deeper through the world with compassion for themselves and others.


"I really appreciate Josie's coaching style. Through asking interesting and creative questions, Josie was able to coach me on my life journey and I feel like I have gotten a lot of clarity around my self-care needs as well as my future plan. Coaching with Josie has been one of the more transformative experiences I have had, and I am happy to know that I can always rely on her to help me on the path to liberation."- Morgan

"During my coaching time with Josie, I found myself experiencing an ease of being that I had not anticipated. I gained clarity in our initial session, identifying what areas of my world I need to focus on right now (health and self care). In our visioning session, I remembered a wiser self who gave me advice about what really matters and how to stay oriented to my inner compass. 


Working with Josie is like talking to an old friend in that she listens deeply and intuitively senses what parts of your growth need tender love and care. She questions with grace, gives the right amount of time for each activity, and guides her visualizations with what feels like divine guidance. She seems to know things that I don't remember I know, yet she lets me come to the realizations in my own way.


 She offers the perfect combination of direct strategies and gentle cheerleading." - Kristen S.

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