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How Somatics can help us get unstuck.

Updated: Jun 2

As we move into a new phase of this pandemic, navigate the wave of gun violence, and re-learn how to reconvene with one another after collective trauma, it is normal to feel stuck or have a sense that you are not where you want to be. If you are feeling frustration, limited, overwhelmed, or are having a hard time bridging the connection between where you want to be (want us to be) and were you are ( we are)- you are not alone and somactics may help.

Our tissues hold our memories and our bodies give us great insight to our emotions. Unless we do the work to release tension or allow emotions to move through us- it can become stuck. Resulting in a culmination of other problems.

What is Somatics and how can it help?

"Soma is a Greek word meaning “living body”. There is no difference between the body and mind." -Equiniminty. In other words, our bodies and minds are not separate. Because of this, we can use our bodies to help calm our minds.

In addition, "Somatics is a path... by which we can embody transformation, individually and collectively. Somatics understands both the individual and collective as a combination of biological, evolutionary, emotional, and psychological aspects, shaped by social and historical norms, and adaptive to a wide array of both resilient and oppressive forces.What we embody becomes familiar,“normal,” and habitual, even “feels” right...even when what we embody may not match up with our values or vision."-Strozzi Institute

Our bodies are shaped by our contexts. If we aren't aware of the contexts of our shaping or are aware of them, but don't create space for opening and change, we can embody habits that may be different from how we want to show up individually and collectively. This mismatch between our vision or values and how we embody them can generate a feeling of immobilization- or stuck-ness.

While collect transformation is less easy to control, we certainly have more control over our own personal transformation. So, if you are feeling stuck lately, start with you. Here are a few somatic based tips to support in getting unstuck:

1. Self-awareness: When you are aware of it- you can work with it. Bring awareness to the sensations in your body. What do you notice? Allow yourself to feel.

2. Ground into your power. Your vision. What do you want? What needs healing or change?

3. Ground throughout the day. Pause. Sense your body and feel throughout the day. Bring your attention to the bottom of your feet, your site bones, your breath and breathe through the belly.

4.Ask yourself: What am I willing to say yes to today? “ saying yes to even the smallest of things can create momentum.

In the U.S. we live in a disembodied set of cultural practices. As a result, many of us are largely disconnected from our bodies for various reasons. If you are finding yourself feeling overwhelmed while trying to reconnect to your body, I invite you to find a practitioner to support you on your journey ( resources below). Go slow.

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Check out these great resources on somatic practices:

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