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A Life In Fulfillment

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

What do you want in life?

No, for real?

What do you really want?

I didn't truly begin asking myself this question until my 30s- and let me tell you- when I did- it changed my life. It changed how I operated in relationships, what I allowed and didn't allow in my life, and it even changed what and how I chose to pursue things.

If you think this is a selfish question to ask, then you're not alone- I felt the same way too. Most of us are not asked what we need out of life, let alone what we want. But when you genuinely ask yourself what you want out of life, you begin to pave a path towards a more joyful and satisfied future.

"What do you want?" is not a surface level question here. I am not speaking about the superficial. It is a question that about your deepest longings and strongest desires (You know, that soul-searching, purpose-driven kind of thing).The question, "What do you want?" builds the blocks towards fulfillment.

" Our desires and longings are essential to our liberation" -Cara Page

In a world built with systems of oppression actively working to limit our well-being- asking oneself " What do I want in life?" is a liberatory one. We are constantly being asked to trade off parts of ourselves to survive. Staying connected to our deepest desires is a radical act and a present reminder that fulfillment is our birthright.

"Life can be abundant in the midst of struggle"- Karen Kimsey House

*Fulfillment is a state of fully expressing who you are and doing what is right for you. It is taking action in alignment with your purpose and values. You will know you are experiencing fulfillment when you feel an internal sense of harmony; a sense of effortlessness and congruence.

But it isn't easy. In fact- at times- it can be difficult because when we are living in fulfillment, we are upsetting the status quo and often changing the familiar to unfamiliar in our lives. It's an everyday design of new strategies to be in alignment; a continuous process of creation and growth. However; the end result is inner peace and clear access to our internal power.

So, pause and reflect:

  • How are your everyday actions contributing to your fulfilled life?

  • What is the price you pay for not living in alignment with who you are?

  • Are you ready for change?

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